The Work


My approach to bodywork is unique and holistic. I work actively with clients—taking into account their posture, personal habits and day-to-day activities—to discover what may be creating issues, whether on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. I focus on helping people with a variety of concerns: chronic and acute pain, decreased range of motion and strength, injuries, stress, preparation for and recovery from surgery, and more. My work is appropriate for just about everyone.

I integrate a variety of modalities in a creative and personalized approach suited to each client’s individual needs. Examples of my training include Structural Integration, a technique that aims to restore normal range of motion to restricted tissue and joints by manipulating the web of connective tissue (e.g., fascia) in our body.


Bodywork (continued)

I also practice Deep Tissue Massage, which can be used to stretch muscles and separate stuck muscles from each other. Sports Massage is great for stretching and opening the body, whether you’re an athlete or not. Sometimes a lighter touch, such as Swedish Massage, is appropriate to gently open tissue and relax the body.

The unifying theme in all my work is creating space. We have enough pressure and stress in our lives—we don’t need to be smashed or mashed on the massage table. My therapeutic approach is all about opening, lifting and creating space for possibilities in your body and your life.


Prenatal Massage

I have completed an extensive course in prenatal massage and understand the unique bodywork needs at each stage of pregnancy. Using a gentle, nurturing approach, I focus on the areas that cause expectant mothers the most discomfort during pregnancy. Some of these are pain in the low back and pelvis, edema in the feet and hands, tightness and strain in the shoulders, and pressure on internal organs as the baby grows. I employ special techniques and tools, such as side-lying massage and a bevy of pillows that allows you to recline in comfort as your pregnancy progresses.

I work with clients both before and after delivery, helping to bring comfort and space before your baby’s arrival, and getting you back to your old self so you can be energized yet relaxed with your newborn. There are also a variety of self-care exercises that I can share with the mom-to-be (and her partner, if desired) to ensure that the expectant mother has the ability to ease her own discomfort in between sessions.

Self Care

A hallmark of your experience with me is likely to be self-care exercises. I often share tips with my clients so you can feel better in between sessions and make permanent changes in your life.

The emphasis is on consistency and simplicity—many of these exercises can be performed at the same time as mundane, day-to-day tasks, such as watching television, standing in line, or going to the bathroom. Using something as simple as a tennis ball, a rolled-up towel, or a wall, I show clients they can create awareness and change how they feel in their body.

There are 168 hours in a week—and even if I’m lucky enough to see you every seven days, there’s a lot of time to settle into old habits. Through self-care, you can empower yourself to make a difference in your life outside of our studio. Using self-care exercises, some clients have even eliminated chronic pain that had been with them for years.