Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed?

Currently there is no licensure in the state of Vermont. I am certified with over 1100 hours of training and private instruction.

Do you do outcalls?

No. I’ve created a beautiful space both to accommodate my needs as a therapist and to provide a relaxing, private and safe setting for my clients. It is also my belief that it is important for individuals to remove themselves from their everyday lives while receiving bodywork and massage.

Do you offer couples massage?

No. At this time I am unable to offer couples massage.

Do you have a shower available?

Yes, a shower is available for clients before and/or after their session. Soap, shampoo and towels are provided.

What should I expect?

First-time clients will be asked to fill out a one-page intake form, which helps to understand what’s happening in your body and serves as the beginning of a dialogue. I’ll ask you your intention—why do you want to receive a bodywork session? My goal is to make the session as personalized as possible. Afterwards, I often share simple self-care exercises to help keep you feeling good between sessions.


When should I receive a massage?

A session can be extremely helpful in a variety of circumstances. If you have chronic or acute pain, are active and need support with your workouts or training, have been injured, are recovering from surgery, or just want to relax and de-stress, we can help—especially when conventional medicine hasn’t met your expectations.

When should I not get a massage?

Many conditions preclude receiving a massage. Among them are malignancies, some inflammation (infection or injury), other infections (such as colds, flu, and of course, Covid-19), and a tendency to clot or hemorrhage. However, I can often modify my approach when dealing with these issues. It really depends on the circumstances—I’d be happy to discuss your particular condition or concerns. If you have any questions as to whether your particular condition is contraindicated for massage, ask your medical doctor.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

I am currently booking out 6 to 8 weeks. If you’d like to come in sooner, you can request to be placed on the waiting list.

How often should I come in?

Everyone is different, so frequency depends on the client, their intention, and what is happening in their bodies. Typically, I see regular clients every 2 to 4 weeks.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session?

I recommend that clients not eat a large meal at least two hours before their scheduled appointment. I also request that clients shower beforehand—either at home or when they arrive at the office—and that you do not moisturize or apply cologne or perfume prior to your session.


Do I need to wear anything during my session?

I recommend that clients disrobe fully for their session; a drape is normally provided for warmth and security. Most important, however, is your comfort level, so you can relax and enjoy the session. Should you choose to wear any garments during the session, I will work through or around them. Please understand that this may limit the work on those areas of the body.

Will I be covered (draped) during my session?

A drape is provided to cover you while on the table. The table is heated to provide optimal comfort, but in the unlikely event that you find you are still cold, a blanket can be provided. Alternatively, some clients prefer not to be draped during their session. Please feel free to communicate your preference at any time.

What if I need to go to the restroom during my session?

That’s never an issue! You can stop me at any time during the session. There is a robe available for clients to wear when using the restroom.

Can I talk or ask questions during my session?

Talking and asking questions are always welcome anytime—before, during or after your session. Remember, it’s all about you!

Will it be painful?

Everyone has a different perception of pain. I check in frequently to monitor levels of sensation with clients, as each person is different and has unique expectations toward bodywork and massage. Any intense sensation a client experiences is intended to be temporary and lead to greater openness in the tissue. Communication is key.


Should I drink water before, during or after my session?

Yes. Along with keeping the body properly hydrated, drinking water keeps tissue supple and helps flush metabolic waste more efficiently. I support drinking water as often as you can—especially after a session.

Will I be sore afterwards?

Everyone is different, but typically clients feel little to no discomfort after their session. At times, individuals will experience post-session sensitivity in areas that have received more focused work. This type of sensation is usually short-lived and leads to greater comfort and mobility within a day or two.


What if I’ve never had a massage from a man?

There are a number of concerns that might arise if you’ve never received bodywork from a man before. My goal is to make your experience a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable one. I am a highly trained professional who has worked extensively with both men and women as clients.

What if I become aroused during my session?

This is a common question for many men, regardless of orientation. Bodywork and massage will often have this effect as a result of increased blood circulation and the enjoyable sensation of being touched. I understand that this is a normal reaction, and it will not affect the work that I do.


What if I’ve never had a massage from a man?

There are a number of concerns that might arise if you’ve never received bodywork from a man before. My goal is to make your experience a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable one. I am a highly trained professional who has worked extensively with both men and women as clients.

What if I am menstruating?

This is a common concern for many women. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable on the table. Many of my female clients receive massage while they are menstruating and feel that the work helps to alleviate menstrual cramping and discomfort. Some clients choose to re-schedule their sessions if they feel the work will be too much. And for their personal comfort, some prefer to wear an undergarment during the session.

What if I am pregnant?

Congratulations! And you’re in luck. I have completed an extensive course in prenatal massage and understand the unique bodywork needs at each stage of pregnancy. I employ special techniques and tools, such as side-lying massage and a bevy of pillows that allow you to recline in comfort as your pregnancy progresses.